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Flames Of Genesis | Imperative Management:

From the emptiness beyond the limits of perception, the void on the other side of dreams, comes The Voyager, bringing with him the Flames Of Genesis a sound, a vision, a key. A nameless, faceless, enigmatic presence, he has arrived with his entrancing, all consuming music that holds within its heart a pathway to knowledge and self realisation, a stairway to the stars. Embrace a listening experience like no other.

More than just music, the sounds that The Voyager has sculpted for Flames Of Genesis open a portal to other worlds and other dimensions. They are an invitation to travel beyond the realms of everyday human experience, to cross the vast distances of eternity and touch the essence of everything, known and unknown. These grand, cinematic soundscapes can show you sights beyond the previously imagined temporal borders of your mind if you are willing to grasp the key and let your spirit fly.

The Voyager will soon be ready to offer his first gift to those who are prepared to hear - Interstellar Transmigration Part I: A Bridge To Further Realms. This album, this tome of knowledge, this star map, is the first part of the odyssey of The Voyager. This is where the journey through infinite wonders begins...the first step on the path to understanding...a sound, a vision, a key.

...the journey begins November '17...

Genre: Dark Ambient
For fans of: Atrium Carceri | Lustmord | Flowers For Bodysnatchers | Sabled Sun

The Voyager - All music and arrangements


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