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“It filled every one of his senses: the smell of opened entrails, the sight of the bodies, the feel of fluid on the floor under his fingers, the sound of the straps creaking beneath the weight of the corpses, even the air, tasting salty with blood. He was with death absolutely in that cubby-hole, hurtling through the dark.”
- from The Midnight Meat Train by Clive Barker

The soundtrack to that nightmarish, bloody hell-ride has arrived at platform one – Meat Train are here!

Formed in 2011 by Mike Pearson (ex-Winter Of Torment) and Chas Fenoughty (ex-Thus Defiled), Meat Train took their name from the Clive Barker short story, The Midnight Meat Train and their inspiration from the tale’s bizarre, dark brutality. The pair took their first hesitant steps into the darkness with the creation of the Flesh Made Man album – thirteen tracks of primitive, battering bludgeon. The album drew in many a complimentary comment from the press, but the ambition of its bloodthirsty creators was not satiated. They knew there was so much more they could achieve...but they needed help.

First on board was Iki Dredgewood, a savage, masked, Amazon warrior – armed with a bass capable of delivering gut-crushing payloads of choking filth. Then all that was needed was a drummer who could unleash absolute hell on his kit; a beast of a man, a butcher of the skins. It took little to persuade Stuart Songhurst (ex-Thus Defiled) to step through the doors of the Meat Train.

With the complete Meat Train team assembled, new, horrifying life was breathed into the old songs and fresh blood soaked anthems tore their way from the creative womb. On September 29th 2017 Random Acts Of Carnage was unleashed on the world by Contagion Records. This was the sound that Meat Train had been hungrily grasping for since the beginning, this was the torrent of blood that had raged through their nightmares. With a guitar sound heavy enough to reduce bodies to pulp, a vocal presence to freeze the blood and a merciless bottom end that propels the listener into the meat grinder of the relentless drum assault – Random Acts Of Carnage is unstoppable.

The band have travelled to Thailand, The Philippines and Vietnam with their gospels of depravity, given a triumphant headlining performance at the prestigious Nepal Deathfest in Kathmandu and terrorized Austria and Germany with Fleshcrawl. Random Acts... will be launched with a high profile London show and then the Meat Train will just keep rolling...there’s always room for one more on the train...

“...a grim vortex of death metal malevolence...”
Ave Noctum

Genre: Filthy Death Metal
For fans of: Autopsy | Grave | Desecration | Six Feet Under

Chas Fenoughty - Guitar
Iki Dredgewood - Bass
Mike Pearson – Guitar/Vocals
Stuart Songhurst - Drums


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