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No Worth Of Man | Imperative Management:

Formed in 2016, No Worth Of Man’s identity was shaped by the unique chemistry that exists between band members Peter Gale, Alex Punchard and Gareth Lucas. They each contribute a distinct and vital element to the incendiary spirit of the band, while sharing a dramatic vision and an iron-forged determination to bring that vision to life; to be utterly unstoppable. Their music is multi-faceted yet finely honed into a cohesive whole; dynamic and driven, fiercely aggressive yet emotive and enthralling – a burning heart beneath a spiked carapace of impenetrable armour. With thundering rhythms and blazing riffs, deep grooves and intricate interplay, throat-ripping vocals and bulldozing momentum, No Worth Of Man draw their inspirations from across the musical map to create a modern metal machine that stands proudly alone, beholden to none. Uncompromising in their vision, constantly breaking down the boundaries that would constrain them, the vast open horizons of No Worth Of Man continue to grow with every passing day.

The first release under the No Worth Of Man banner was 2017s Initium Novum EP – five tracks of ferocious energy, grit and adrenaline, adorned in melancholic melody - exemplified by the expansive epic ‘Sirens’. This was no stuttering start, no tentative beginning – Initium Novum roaring out a fierce, ambitious challenge, a powerful statement of intent. The strength of No Worth Of Man’s songs coupled with their crushing on-stage capabilities quickly led to the band picking up invitations to perform alongside major bands like Karma To Burn and King 810 in 2018. That same year they also unleashed their second EP – a juddering behemoth of heaviness entitled The Middle Farm Experiment. Recorded live at Middle Farm Studios with engineer Chris Edkins (Devin Townsend, Wren, October Grey etc), tracks like the cataclysmic opener ‘I Defy’ showed just how far the band had progressed in a remarkably short period of time. 2019 then saw No Worth Of Man flying out to Malta to support Coffin Birth (featuring members of Hour Of Penance and Fleshgod Apocalypse) and Bound To Prevail.

When the world emerged from the dark shadow of the Covid-19 epidemic and accompanying lockdowns, which put a stranglehold on the music business that was slow to loosen its grip, No Worth Of Man turned their attention to recording the follow up to The Middle Farm Experiment and the pursuit of more headline grabbing live shows. Throughout 2022/23 they wrote, recorded and hit stages across the country with the likes of Famyne, Evile, Dendera, Left To Die, 10 Plagues and Damim – their stature growing all the time. Once writing and recording of their new EP was complete the band looked for someone who could apply the mixing and mastering golden touch that would lift it to the next level. They found Fredrik Nordstrom – world renowned for his work with Arch Enemy, In Flames, Hammerfall and many, many more.

Live shows continued into 2024 with Sepultura’s Paulo Jr. and his new band Cultura Tres and then, on March 8th, the new EP, What’s Your Damage? was released… The decision to work with Fredrick Nordstrom is vindicated the minute that the EPs monstrous opener ‘Into The Dirt’, is unleashed. What’s Your Damage? sounds utterly devastating! The four songs show, yet again, No Worth Of Man taking giant strides towards the upper echelons of metal, as they hit harder and delve deeper into the darkness than ever before. Complete with gloriously garish artwork that entwines with a carefully curated image that sees the band hunting vampires between the neon lights and shadows of 1980s Miami, What’s Your Damage? is the most accomplished release yet from No Worth Of Man. Now in alliance with Imperative PR, the next chapter begins…

"...the band brandishes its riffs like canons..."

Genre: Metalcore/Thrash Metal
For fans of: Lamb Of God | Machine Head | Unearth

Peter Gale - Vocals
Alex Punchard - Guitars
Gareth Lucas - Drums


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No Worth Of Man - An Unpaintable Soul.wav

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