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In the Spring of 2015 five friends were drawn together by a shared dream; a dream to create vital, vibrant metal music in a band that would be an outlet for their restless imaginations and pent up rage at the apathy and lethargy that they saw around them every day. They were going to hit back at the stifling system, formulate their own injection of adrenaline and excitement and wake up the sleepers, drifting through their lives, dancing drowsily on their strings held in the hands of manipulative politicians and power brokers. They wanted to shake the foundations of their Belfast home and break away from the plodding, unquestioning march from birth to school to work to death. They wanted more.

From this unified sense of determination Oracle was born and such was the enthusiasm of the band members for their creation, that within five months their first single was released. ‘Take My Blood’ helped Oracle to establish themselves in their local scene and although the critical reception was mixed, the band took every comment on board. They were determined to learn, to improve and come back bigger and better than ever. For the next eighteen months they sweated blood over their song writing skills, their stage craft and their musical prowess, before returning in March 2017 with a fiery new single, ‘Burn The Nameless’, which screamed out against the establishment and the twisted deceits of the mainstream media. A first music video followed in early 2018. A brave attack on delusional religious fanaticism, ‘No God Waits For You’ was premiered with notable webzine, Burning Metal Ireland. The influence of Oracle was growing...

In late March of 2018 Oracle released their first EP, a remarkable five track collection called Tales Of Pythia. This EP finally revealed just what a potent force Oracle could become. All their hard work, dedication and enthusiasm had coalesced into a quite formidable sound. Punishing, grinding riffs spearheaded the assault, roared on by raw, emotive vocals. A relentless rhythm section drove things forward, a colossal, unified engine. Then over this steel skeleton was laid subtle melody, wild energy, passion, imagination and ambition. Songs like ‘Prisons’ pulsed and thrashed like living beasts.

Gaining in confidence and ability all the time, Oracle entered the Belfast leg of the Metal 2 The Masses competition, sweeping the competition before them and earning a place on the bill at Bloodstock Open Air 2018. Before taking to the festival stage Oracle released a stunning new single, ‘Serpentine’ which built on the creative success of Tales Of Pythia.

The Bloodstock appearance was an unmitigated triumph and now Oracle are hard at work on their debut full length album, with a release expected in early 2019. A new alliance with Imperative PR ensures that great things lie in wait for this exceptionally talented young band.

“One of the most exciting young bands in the extreme metal scene right now...”

Genre: Heavy/Thrash Metal
For fans of: God Forbid | Lamb Of God | Machine Head

Jason Kerr - Vocals
Connor McDonald - Guitar
Jake Dornan - Guitar
Chief - Bass
Rhys Fraser - Drums


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