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Sathamel | Imperative Management:

Sathamel began life in the north of England in 2013, going by the name Sheol for the first year of their existence. That was their first rebirth, when they donned the mantle of Sathamel and the creative magic began to flow. Furious rehearsal and writing sessions soon became relentless gigging as the band took their wickedly intense black/death metal to the stages of England throughout 2014, appearing at festivals and all-day events, headlining in their own right and even reaching the final of that year’s Metal 2 The Masses event. With each show the band grew tighter as a musical unit, their songs becoming darker, deadlier and more powerfully defined and as 2015 dawned they were ready to release their first, self titled EP.

Sathamel was a remarkable recording debut, featuring five superbly crafted tracks of intimidating darkness and a magnificent orchestral intro piece. Terrorizer magazine promptly branded Sathamel a band to watch and the track ‘Venus, Morning Star’ appeared on the magazine’s Fear Candy cover mount CD. The band never broke their stride and continued playing more and more shows, preaching their gospel of fire and blood to all who would listen. The shows became markedly more prestigious with the release of the Sathamel EP, the band hitting London with black metal legends Hecate Enthroned, appearing at the infamous Blackwood Gathering (where a limited edition live cassette was recorded, Live At Blackwood) and rounding off a successful year by supporting Belphegor, Hate, Vital Remains and Ethereal.

Throughout 2016 Sathamel began working on material for their full length debut album and the gigging continued apace, with headline shows being slotted in between appearances with major acts like Fleshgod Apocalypse and Melechesh. The Sathamel war machine rolled on into 2017, the pace relentless, but behind the scenes internal issues drove guitarist KVN and vocalist Kruk to take decisive action. Material written for the debut album was discarded and the line-up disbanded. The canons of destruction fell silent and Sathamel stepped back into the shadows for two years...yet in the darkness, work never stopped.

Sathamel’s return may have seemed improbable to outsiders, but KVN and Kruk always kept the black flame of Sathamel alive. In May of 2019 they returned in a blaze of unexpected fury across the skies of northern England. With new members Cygnus, Reykr and Nadir joining them in their shield wall KVN and Kruk were ready to march again. Sathamel were reborn once more and their debut album was ready to be unveiled! First single, ‘Whispers Of A Husk’, was a staggering opening salvo that showed that the new Sathamel were not only a match for their previous incarnation, they were equipped to utterly decimate all that they had created before. The album, which was unleashed on May 17th, was called Horror Vacui, meaning fear of emptiness, a reference to the void that KVN and Kruk had found in their lives while the Sathamel beast was slumbering. Recorded at Ritual Sound studios with trusted producer Samuel Turbitt, who also recorded the band’s first EP, Horror Vacui sounded absolutely monstrous and the song writing had reached peaks previously unimaginable for the band. Songs like ‘Raise Flame From Ash’ and ‘Of Spilled Wine And Broken Glass’ being breathtaking in their intensity. The album cover was as black as a starless, midnight sky, adorned only with the new Sathamel logo in gleaming, imperial gold. The new logo was created for the band by Raoul Mazzero, better known as View From The Coffin, who has designed for the likes of Crumbsuckers, Cryptic Slaughter and Deathrite.

Their rebirth complete, Sathamel next looked to form a new alliance that could take their devilish crusade to the next level of domination. They looked and they found Imperative PR waiting, armed and ready. Now nothing will stand in their way.

“...the whole album is just pure blackened death satisfaction.”
Teeth Of The Divine

Genre: Black/Death Metal
For fans of: Hate | Behemoth | Deicide | Marduk

Kruk – Vocal
KVN – Guitar
Cygnus- Guitar
Reykr – Drums


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