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Spectral Darkwave | Imperative Management:

Fusing the intimidating splendour of symphonic death metal and the sombre majesty of doom, adding a touch of black metal’s bleak fire and an infusion of industrial terror, the music of Spectral Darkwave is like no other. It provides the perfect accompaniment to their visions of horror, inspired by the cold, unending realms of space. Their chilling hymns of dread transport listeners beyond the borders of human experience while the merciless riffs rain down in a torrent of soul crushing, imperious might...

The first release from the visionary trio came in 2015 in the form of debut album Last First Contact on the band’s own Occidental Records label. This collection of incredible songs was far from the first faltering steps of a band searching for an identity; Spectral Darkwave seemed to emerge from the void a fully formed entity with breathtaking power already at their fingertips. Zero Tolerance Magazine were transported to “the freezing reaches of outer space” and the “shadowed depths of the ocean floor” by this new voice in metal, awarding it a prestigious 5/6 review and declaring...
“The mechanistic collides with the melancholy; alien technology with ancient magic and the results are refreshing and captivating... Fine dark metal that suggests a wealth of possibilities still yet to be explored.”

On the stage Spectral Darkwave bring their nightmares from the outer limits to spectacular life, fuelled by bone-shaking volume and a merciless intensity of performance. The environs of the concert hall dissolve and the gathered audience find themselves surfing a wave of adrenaline and fear into the world of Spectral Darkwave. Electrifying headline shows supported by the likes of Concrete Age and Deep Throat Trauma will not soon be forgotten by those in attendance.

Over the course of 2019 the band released two superb singles, The Price Of Victory and A Toll Is Due, leaving fans restless and hungry for a second full length album. Finally, from the stage of Bloodstock Open Air ’21 where Spectral Darkwave delivered a jubilant, triumphant set to the gathered hordes, on a bill featuring legends of metal Judas Priest and Kreator, news of that second album was announced – and on October 8th 2021 At Outer Dark was unleashed! A creation of grandeur and darkness, formidable fire power and unbridled ambition, a massive explosion of sound, fusing the varied forces of extreme metal into one deliciously malicious monster of an album, At Outer Dark is an incredible achievement. The album was launched with a special, intimate show at Club 85 in Hitchin with support from Gevaudan and Elderseer and as 2022 dawns Spectral Darkwave are planning a campaign of cosmic terror to sweep the live venues of the UK.

“...really something special.”

Genre: Dark Industrial Death/Doom Metal
For fans of: Triptykon | Septic Flesh | Abyssic | The Vision Bleak

The Arch-Kakoph - Vocals/Guitar
The Gunner - Bass
The Engineer - Drums


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