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Frozen Ocean join the Imperative PR roster:

April 08, 2014

Russia's dark metal / electronic artist Frozen Ocean joins Imperative PR with their eigth full length album, The Dyson Swarm.
This epic creation takes the listener on a journey from earth, out into the black depths of space, each track leading you a little further from home. The unique power of the music leads you through our solar system, beyond distant stars and unknown planets, beyond astronomic wonders to the very edge of the known universe.
An enthralling blend of ambient electronics and dark, atmospheric metal invokes the grandeur, the stately progression of the celestial spheres, the power of solar winds and the all consuming, freezing emptiness of the infinite darkness. Itís a captivating listening experience like no other.

Track Listing:
1 - Syzygy
2 - CE-4
3 - Sloan Great Wall
4 - SHGb02+14a
5 - Exoplanet (HD 85512 b)
6 - The Dyson Swarm
7 - UDFj-39546284


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