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Monumentomb sign with Metal Music Austria:

August 01, 2014

Monumentomb return to Imperative PR to run the campaign for their upcoming CD.

Over the past few months the good reviews poured in, with almost universal praise being lavished on the heart-stopping hymns of deathly devastation. Powerplay Rock And Metal Magazine summed up the general feeling in their 8/10 review, stating that you’d be ‘hard pressed to find a debut of such consummate power as this’.
Such acclaim rarely goes unnoticed and now we’re delighted to announce that Monumentomb have been signed by Metal Music Austria who have stepped in to give Ritual Exhumation the physical release it so richly deserves. From August 11th fans will be able to hold this slice of death metal history in the making in their hands...
If you’ve missed out on the death metal phenomenon that is Monumentomb so far, then this is the perfect opportunity to hear what everyone is talking about.
Expect a sound that is infused with hunger and energy, but with stunning competency and maturity.
Expect cunningly crafted songs that masterfully combine overwhelming drum battery, savage riffing, lightning lead work and an imperious vocal presence.
Expect memorable melodic touches and barbed hooks that are impossible to dislodge.

Track Listing:
1 – Intro
2 – Ritual Exhumation
3 – In The Crypt Devoured
4 – Perennial Interment
5 – Perpetual Execution Torment
6 – Citadel Of The Living Dead


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