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All Seeing Eyes join the Imperative PR roster:

November 06, 2014

All Seeing Eyes is a new band put together by guitarist/front man Ben Colton of Neverworld. Together with his old friends Kenny Fraser (bass/guitars/drum programming) and James Thackway (keyboards) Colton has set out to create music without boundaries – vast in scope and limited only by their imagination. The three members of All Seeing Eyes have a musical understanding forged when they all worked together in power metal band Sentinel some eight years ago and the chemistry between them is immediately apparent. The musicianship on display is little short of staggering and the band’s collective skills have been used to create a set of enthralling songs. The eighteen tracks that make up Trinity Road take the listener on an incredible, emotional journey as the lyrics explore subjects which range from the intensely intimate to the globally significant.

Several special guests have been brought in to help bring Trinity Road to vibrant life – including Ben Jackson of the legendary US power metal band Crimson Glory, who brings a touch of magic to stunning track ‘The Cube’.

Incredibly powerful and versatile, overflowing with electrifying guitar work and soul stirring vocals Trinity Road is nothing less than a metallic masterpiece that will hold you in its grasp from start to finish. Prepare yourself for one of the most ambitious and exciting metal albums to emerge from the UK in years.

Track Listing:

Disc 1
1. The Enlightened Ones
2. Trinity Road
3. Haunted
4. Wildlife (The Tribe)
5. Just A Memory (Featuring Danae Saree)
6. The Cube (Featuring Ben Jackson)
7. Master Minds
8. Secrets Beneath The Surface
9. Demons (Featuring Michalis Rinakakis)

Disc 2
1. Break The Chains
2. Follow The Leader
3. Hunted (Featuring David Del Cid and Dave Shirman)
4. The Key
5. Heart Of The Storm (Featuring Venetia Sitaropoulou)
6. Medicine Man
7. The Rings Of Kronos (Featuring Kosta Vreto)
8. War Of The World
9. The Aftermath

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