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Frozen Ocean join the Imperative Management roster:

September 14, 2015

We are very pleased to announce that Russian expansive dark/black metal act Frozen Ocean has joined with Imperative Management as things build up towards the release of their next album. Frozen Ocean and Imperative PR first worked together on the cold and majestic The Dyson Swarm album – IPR securing a raft of great press for an album which took listeners on a voyage beyond human experience, to the outer reaches of deep space. However, the Frozen Ocean story began long before that, in 2005, when multi-instrumentalist Vaarwel first unveiled his musical creation to the world. Since those early days Frozen Ocean has stood alone, not adhering to any one genre, part of no scene, simply wandering wherever Vaarwel’s creative spirit takes him, but always, always summoning sounds to fire the imagination. Each Frozen Ocean release is a unique listening experience, but all drawn together by incredible, immersive atmosphere – be that in the form of the raw black metal of the savage Norse trilogy of albums (Likegyldig Raseri, Vanviddsanger and Natt Over Meg), the beautiful ambience of A Perfect Solitude, the enthralling musical story telling of Trollvinter or the all-enveloping dream of Prills Of Remembrance. There is nothing that can quite compare to Frozen Ocean.

Having recorded his most stunning creation to date - The Prowess Of Dormition – in 2015, Vaarwel returned to Imperative PR, hoping to secure a suitable label to handle the release of his masterpiece. IPR negotiated with several labels before teaming up with the dynamic Apocalyptic Witchcraft - a label as dedicated to unfettered creativity as Vaarwel himself – who immediately recognised the immense quality inherent in Frozen Ocean. Vaarwel has now found the perfect home for Frozen Ocean and The Prowess Of Dormition will be unveiled this winter; featuring four tracks of epic, melodic, atmospheric black metal that will make the spirit soar.

With the relationship between Imperative PR and Frozen Ocean proving so successful it made sense for the two parties to tie their immediate futures more closely together. In mid-September 2015 an ongoing management deal was signed, which will see Frozen Ocean helped and supported as it reaches ever greater heights of creativity and success...

“...inspired take on metal’s dark outer limits...”
Dom Lawson’s review of the The Dyson Swarm in Prog Magazine

Genre: Atmospheric Blackened Metal
For fans of: Moosnsorrow | Enslaved

Vaarwel - all music and vocals

Video and images