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Goatpsalm - Downstream

February 01, 2016

Imperative PR would like to welcome to our roster the enigmatic Goatpsalm, for the promotion of their otherworldly new album, Downstream. The arcane entity that is Goatpsalm came into being in 2009 and since then has released two albums of bewitching and sinister sounds. After the release of their second album, Erset La Tari, which delved into the black beliefs, lore and legend of Babylon and Mesopotamia, they were joined by multi-instrumentalist Vaarwel, also of Frozen Ocean. The result of this injection of creativity and vision is Downstream, their third, most accomplished and individual release. Through the power of these seven musical incantations Goatpsalm lead us into the realms of the North to dream-walk through the mist shrouded forests and frozen fjords, to unearth magic and feel the presence of the spirits of nature.

There is little to which Goatpsalm can be compared. There are no obvious boxes that can contain their music, no simple labels to pin on their sound. By combining elements of dark ambience, pure atmosphere, touches of doom, hints of blackness, hypnotic enchantment, enticing strangeness and sheer, enthralling magic, Goatpsalm have created something unique and special.

More than just a listening experience, Goatpsalm can open doors. Follow them Downstream and discover what lies on the other side of dreams.

Track Listing:

1 - Grey Rocks
2 - Flowers Of The Underworld
3 - White Sea
4 - Orphan
5 - Of Bone And Sinew
6 - The Waylayer (A Great Spring Hunger)
7 - Downstream

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