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Neverworld prepare to release Dreamsnatcher

February 04, 2016

Imperative PR are thrilled to announce the return of Neverworld to our roster, for the promotion of their stunning second album, Dreamsnatcher. Neverworld and Imperative PR worked together on the band’s debut album, Visions Of Another World, back in 2014 and both camps are excited to have this winning team back together again. Speaking about the new deal, Neverworld guitarist Ben Colton said they were “Delighted to announce that Neverworld are about to re-sign with Imperative PR! They're a great team with metal hearts so this is a match made in Hell!”

Dreamsnatcher is a superlative album which looks set to elevate the name of Neverworld to unprecedented heights. Harder and heavier, yet also more melodic and refined, with their second album they have honed their sound to perfection. Full of crisp, classic metal riffs, sublimely constructed songs with irresistible melodic progressions and fantastic solos that bring to mind the finest work of the fabled Judas Priest duo K.K. Downing and Glen Tipton. Wrapped around all this are the rich keyboards which add texture, atmosphere and bombast, filling the songs with an array of bright colours and deep shadows.

Classic heavy metal is in need of a new hero and Neverworld are here – just in time

Track Listing:

1 - Into the Mouth Of Madness
2 - Dreamsnatcher
3 - Armies Of The Night
4 - Passion Killers
5 - Under The Asylum
6 - Fall Forever
7 - All I Am
8 - Awakening
9 - The Grand Illusion
10 - Face The Fear

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