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The Drowning join the Imperative Management roster:

Febnuary 10, 2016

We’re very pleased to welcome to our management roster the Welsh kings of dark, doom/death metal – The Drowning. With albums like This Bleak Descent and the monumental Fall Jerusalem Fall The Drowning have carved out a reputation for themselves as one of the most formidable talents in the doom/death genre. This year though, The Drowning are set to raise the bar to unprecedented heights, as they prepare to unveil their powerful and emotive new album Senescent Signs.

Senescent Signs is more than just another album, more than simply the latest and greatest release from The Drowning. The guitar melodies dance in intricate but stately rounds above mountainous riffs. The all consuming emotion in the music and raw vocals could draw tears from cold stone. The solos lift you to dizzying heights before casting you back down to earth and the hooks within those grandiose riffs are unforgettable. Painted in a thousand different shades of grey, Senescent Signs is a beautifully bleak masterpiece of melancholy.

“This south Wales quintet have gone for their niche and nailed it”
Kerrang! Magazine

Genre: Doom/Death/Dark Metal
For fans of: Paradise Lost | Saturnus | The Vision Bleak | Katatonia

Matt Small – Vocal
Mike Hitchen – Guitar
Jason Hodges- Guitar
Steve Hart – Drums
Richard Moore – Bass

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