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Akem Manah release Demons Of The Sabbat

March 03, 2016

Imperative PR are delighted to welcome to our roster Possession Productions artists, Akem Manah. We will be working alongside Possession Productions on the re-release of Akem Manah’s monumental third album, Demons Of The Sabbat. The album originally crept out as a self release in the summer of 2014, but Possession recognised its true value and are determined to bring it to the attention of the wider metal world with this re-release.

Demons Of The Sabbat more than deserves this demonic resurrection – and not just because it features the talents of ex-White Zombie drummer Ivan De Prume and ex-Nile bassist Chris Lollis alongside the band’s founder member Dead Nedry, not to mention a guest vocal appearance from Adam Richardson (Ramesses/11 Paranoias). Above and beyond the collected talents that created it, Demons Of The Sabbat is an incredible album of the darkest, ritualistic doom/death you will ever hear. With an atmosphere all its own and possessed of an intimidating, crushing power this album needs to be heard the world over.

Akem Manah’s Demons Of The Sabbat deserves to be heard – and you deserve to hear it.

Track Listing:

1 – Dark Ritual
2 – Worship In Fire
3 – Reign Of Terror
4 – Possession Of Nun
5 – Hollow Graves
6 – Unholy Horror
7 – The Twisted Rites Of Satan’s Bride
8 - Nightfall
9 – Demons Rise

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