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Thus Defiled prepare to unleash a triptych of evil

March 31, 2016

Imperative PR are honoured to welcome to our roster the UK black metal underground legends, Thus Defiled. The band that took up the faltering flame of British black metal in the early ‘90s and set new standards for darkness, depravity and desolation have awoken from their slumber. Over the course of 2016 the band will be officially releasing their two classic EPs – A Darker Beauty and Fire Serpent Dawn – in digital format for the first time. Both EPs have been remastered by frontman Paul C, giving them a revelatory edge, unleashing their true abyssic power.

In addition to these two unearthed classics a third EP entitled A Return To The Shadows is to be summoned forth. This release will feature previously unreleased material - four infernal cover versions and one brand new, original recording. This new EP will feature guest appearances from Mike Browning of Morbid Angel / Nocturnus and Donn Donni of Vesperian Sorrow.

In this modern world of designer ‘evil’ and pale, insipid imitations it’s good to know that there are still wolves out there in the night with real teeth. True darkness is unleashed once more!

Track Listing: A Darker Beauty

1 – Ebony Thorns Embrace
2 – A Darker Beauty
3 – Eden Stands Aflame

Track Listing: Fire Serpent Dawn

1 – Of Shadow And Storm
2 – Beyond The Seventh Circle Of Fire
3 – Fire Serpent Dawn

Track Listing: A Return To The Shadows

1 new track and 4 cover songs
...to be announced...

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