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Help Smothered Bowels save humanity!

April 12, 2016

It is with a degree of trepidation that we cautiously welcome Russian grindcore maniacs Smothered Bowels to the Imperative PR roster, to help them promote their current fundraising campaign. The band have been filming a mini feature film, to accompany their classic, violent slasher track ‘U.S.Butcher’. All was progressing well in the Moscow studio, the tale of blood and gore coming together ‘nicely’...until the film’s anti-hero, the Butcher himself, stepped from the screen and into the real world – and the carnage began in earnest. The band are convinced if they can finish the filming then the Butcher will be returned to the realms of dark fantasy and our world will be saved.

But funds are running low...

So now Smothered Bowels are reaching out to their fans for help – although even in these desperate circumstances they don’t expect charity. Instead they’re offering a wide range of grinding goodies in exchange for your help in their fight against evil;
T-shirts, CDs, butcher’s aprons, figurines of the Butcher himself...they’re even offering to record a cover version of your favourite song, or write a grindcore classic about you!
Once they’ve saved the world from the evil they have unwittingly unleashed, of course.

The video evidnece of the U.S. Butcher is presented here:

So, if you want to help save earth from a blood-crazed maniac and grab yourself some great Smothered Bowels merch and music into the bargain...you know what to do.

You can join their Indiegogo campaign by clicking here.

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