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Thus Defiled prepare to release An Unhallowed Legacy

May 06, 2016

We are pleased to be able to announce that Thus Defiled have heeded the plaintive howling of their diehard fans! As well as unleashing their two celebrated EPs, A Darker Beauty and Fire Serpent Dawn, in digital form, the band have unveiled something very special for those who demand more through unholy ritual and blood sacrifice...

All the newly remastered tracks from both EPs will be brought together in one incredible package under the title An Unhallowed Legacy. More than just a simple CD release, An Unhallowed Legacy will appear in luxurious ancient grimoire format, wrapped in artwork as demonic as the sounds held within. The six songs that make up this release are arguably some of the finest that British black metal has ever produced and it is only right that they should be presented in a manner which befits their stature.

All the major metal magazines in the UK have recognised the majestic force of Thus Defiled from Kerrang to Powerplay, Metal Hammer to Zero Tolerance and Terrorizer. There is no debate about the brilliance of this band and they have never sounded better than they do on An Unhallowed Legacy. A truly, unequivocally essential release.

Track Listing:

1 Ebony Thorns Embrace
2 A Darker Beauty
3 Eden Stands Aflame
4 Of Shadow And Storm
5 Beyond The Seventh Circle Of Fire
6 Fire Serpent Dawn

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