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ThrOes prepare to release This Viper Womb

May 23, 2016

We are proud to announce the start of a working relationship with Tasmanian band ThrOes – the world’s sole purveyors of Dissident Metal. The band have no peers, they identify with no scene or genre – they simply deliver some of the most incredibly potent and fearsome extreme metal you will ever hear. ThrOes’ debut album, This Viper Womb, is about to descend and nothing will ever be quite the same again...

Trent Griggs is the man behind ThrOes, the creative energy which drives them forward and This Viper Womb is a raw expression of his personal philosophy and truth – not pandering to anyone’s weaknesses or playing anybody’s games. Helping Griggs out with his astonishing drum work is Kevin Talley, currently with death metal legends Suffocation and previously with too many bands to mention. Also adding some venom to the elixir is vocalist James Ludbrook (ex-Terrorust/Damaged), completing a driven and determined team.

Coming 29 June through Aesthetic Death, This Viper Womb is an album of unprecedented power and a potency you can taste. There is much to learn within the whirlwind, doorways to discover within the dazzling, unrelenting downpour of riffs. But you'll need to work for your rewards and remember – nothing comes for free...

Track Listing:

1 – Permanent Midnight
2 – Shock To The Guts
3 – Dead Lights
4 – Conscience Makes Cowards
5 – Nothing Left For The Vultures
6 – Nowhere Else
7 – This Viper Womb
8 – Lavish The Anguish
9 – Feed It
10 – D.N.A. Corruption

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