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Frozen Ocean - A voyage through time and mystery...

May 25, 2016

Frozen Ocean release a vast array of their rich and diverse back catalogue in a variety of hugely discounted packages - available now, for a limited time only!

In our promotional materials to support the release of, first, The Dyson Swarm’s deep space odyssey and most recently The Prowess Of Dormition’s exhilarating, fantastical snow-ride, we have often made mention of Frozen Ocean’s magical past. Vaarwel, the artist behind all the Frozen Ocean releases, is both a prolific writer and an eclectic one. This means that there is a wealth of wonderful material hidden away in the Frozen Ocean back catalogue – and it’s time more people had the chance to experience it.

In order to give more people the opportunity to explore the undiscovered country of Frozen Ocean’s past, Vaarwel has begun a special promotion through groupees.com. A vast array of Frozen Ocean albums are now available through the site – for a limited time – in hugely discounted bundles.


More than a decade’s worth of innovative, captivating, disparate music, all available to listeners for less than the price of a single CD. There are also small amounts of limited edition merchandise and ultra rare items like the hand numbered Norse compilation tapes available as part of some of the incredible bundles on offer. There are also secret, locked items – unreleased music – that will become available as more people get involved with the campaign. This is an amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in the glorious history of Frozen Ocean. To give new fans an idea of what to expect from the vast back catalogue Vaarwel himself sent us a few words about his past work:

“For more than ten years vast expanses of Frozen Ocean were sailed by me, in an imaginary sense and so many things were faced and discovered. Frozen Ocean had (and still has) a lot to tell and portray. One could say ‘how the fuck can one man record all that in such a short time?’ Well, nothing is impossible if you really have inspiration. Remember that almost every single release is devoted to particular circle of things and is expressed in a certain musical style. It could be rhythmic electronics or ambient drone or blackened crust or atmospheric metal...or something in between all of this. The album and track titles will give listeners a hint as to what is hidden within them and complete the whole picture – just listen.

The very beauty of Frozen Ocean’s music is that almost anyone can find something that they like, even if other parts don’t suit them as well. Find your own wave and have a nice journey!”

So what is lurking in that back catalogue? Let Vaarwel himself be your guide from the present into the past:

Prills Of Remembrance – 2015
“soundtrack to surreal pictures flashing in your mind”

Weighing Form – 2014
“traditionally deep noisy drone ambient”

The Dyson Swarm – 2014
“polyphonic dark metal with space atmosphere, ambient structure and sci-fi background”

Natt Over Meg – 2013
“the final part of the ‘Norse Trilogy’... devoted to Fenriz, Nocturno Culto and Darkthrone”

Autumn Bridges (split w/ Petrychor) – 2013
“A gentle piece of personal autumn”

Trollvinter – 2013
“A conceptual album based on Tove Jansson's ‘Moominland Midwinter’ novel”

Vanviddsanger EP – 2013
“second part of the Norse trilogy, dedicated to Kvist, an EP of crust influenced raw black metal”

A Perfect Solitude – 2012
“distant visions and everlasting recollections - an intricate fusion of atmospheric metal and ambient”

Vestigial Existence – 2011
“atmospheric/depressive metal with electronic experiments in two tracks”

Sensus Veris (split w/ Divinum Opus Sedare Dolorem) – 2011
“each part of the split accurately fits each other, making a whole two-sided meaning of Sensus Veris”

Oniric In Geocentricism – 2011
“calm, monotonous dark ambient, saturated by different kinds of atmosphere”

Likegyldig Raseri – 2011
“first album of the ‘Norse Trilogy’, dedicated to Ildjarn. Evil, northern and atmospheric. Raw anger!”

Aokigahara – 2011
“creepy evanescent guitar ambience”

7 EP – 2011
"Different kinds of atmospheric metal with accented melodic structures and electronic experiments”

And Hoarfrost Blooms Henceforth EP – 2010
“First official metal release of Frozen Ocean”

Steamworks Hibernation EP – 2009
“ambient industrial tapestry devoted to steam machines”

Depths Of Subconscious EP – 2008
“the beginning of Frozen Ocean... drone dark ambient”

Genre: Wonderful and varied shades of darkness
For fans of: The darker side of music

Vaarwel – All music and vocals