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Kevin Lawry joins the Imperative PR roster:

October 04, 2016

Imperative PR are pleased to welcome Kevin Lawry to the roster, for the promotion of his solo album The Shadows Stole The Dawn. We have worked with Kevin before, under the guise of his band Crowned In Earth, so we’re thrilled to have him back at this pivotal moment in his career. Kevin has decided that the time is right for an album that allows his creativity and personality to shine through, in their purest, unadulterated form. None of the expectations and preconceptions that might be attached to the band name Crowned In Earth, or earlier projects like Khthon or Silent Winter, have any relevance anymore. This is Kevin Lawry beginning again – honest and alone.

Speaking about this fresh start, under his own name, Kevin had this to say... “I feel that now is the time to move on and begin a fresh musical chapter without expectations of what a previous band name and history might suggest, to continue creating engaging music without boundaries! It’s the end of a long era but an open door to a whole new musical landscape!”

The musical landscape that Kevin has revealed on The Shadows Stole The Dawn is beautiful. The songs are personal and poignant, but speak of universal truths that will touch the heart of all who hear them. The music wanders the gentle hillsides of pastoral progressive rock, drawing inspiration from the early works of Genesis, Camel and Caravan but with a unique and individual spirit all its own. As the long days of summer slip quietly into the mists of autumn, The Shadows Stole The Dawn is the perfect accompaniment and companion.

Track Listing:

1 – Broken Arrow
2 - Fracture
3 – The River
4 – Faith
5 – Tale Of The Drowning Man
6 – The Bitter Wind
7 – The Shadows Stole The Dawn

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