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Russia's Conflict release new promo video:

October 10, 2016

Imperative PR are honoured to be working with Russian industrial metal band Conflict, to promote the launch of their stunning video for the track ‘Mechanisms Of Life’ – taken from their overwhelming second full length album, Transform Into A Human.

The ‘Mechanisms Of Life’ video presents a chilling vision of a dark, dystopian future, while the song itself challenges the very concepts of humanity, intelligence and life itself. The bleak images perfectly entwine with a brave and unflinching message that questions our most deeply held beliefs about who and what we are. Musically, Conflict are a gleaming metal machine, their sound honed to fearsome perfection by engineer Greg Reely who has worked with the likes of Fear Factory, Devin Townsend and Paradise Lost. A crushing core of mechanistic riffs is adorned with electronic pulses of musicality, while the human touch is provided by the varied vocals of front woman Anna. A powerful presence both visually and sonically, her voice delivers visceral, bloody growls and then transforms smoothly into crystal clear, beguiling melodies that can entice you into the heart of the Conflict machine.

It is time to follow Conflict into the future, where the lines between man and machine have blurred and become meaningless; where the secrets of immortality lie within the intricacies of technology, where all you think you know has gone, lost like black dust in the wind.

"Conflict have written a successful album; mature and searching, mixing brutality, technique, melody and atmosphere"

Genre: Industrial Metal
For fans of: Fear Factory | Meshuggah | Strapping Young Lad

Anna - Vocals
Rodion - Guitar
Alexey - Bass
Mikhail - Drums


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