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Sex Dumpster prepare to release Lord Alcohol

January 08, 2018

Imperative PR have been trawling the sewers and asylums of the world, searching for the darkest and most dangerous bands in existence; those who live outside the moral code of society and revel in this cesspit of a world we’ve created. What we found was Sex Dumpster.

This is a band with no interest in niceties, no time for pretence, no patience for bullshit. Sex Dumpster are a mutated collision between black metal and nihilistic punk whose only hope is no hope and whose only home is the gutter. They have poured their bitter truths into ten howling hymns to nothingness and bound them up in barbed wire and hate under the title Lord Alcohol. This debut album grinds you down into the filth of human existence, chokes you on the shards of broken dreams and the acid of worthless aspirations. Songs like ‘This Lonely Rope’ and ‘Under The Night’ offer you a painful, drunken stagger down a dirty road to nowhere, without a glimmer of light to follow. This is total annihilation. A one way trip to the void.

The origins of Sex Dumpster can be traced back to frozen isolation in Alaska, where Hiram Lohr first pulled together the disparate souls that would form the band Thousand Year War, who recorded the acclaimed album, Tyrants And Men and the EP Kingdom Of America before collapsing into ruin. Hiram Lohr then turned his back on the ice and snow and headed to the sultry, putrefying heat of Mexico, where he breathed in the rotten stench of humanity’s decay, sucked up the soul-corroding horror of life and vomited out the raging, spirit-eating savagery of Sex Dumpster.

Leave your futile hopes in the dirt where they belong and join Sex Dumpster at the altar of Lord Alcohol.

Track Listing:

1 – Bible Up Your Ass
2 – Cunt World
3 – Shit On My Grave
4 – Ivar The Boneless
5 – Lord Alcohol
6 – I Kill Everything I Fuck (GG Allin cover)
7 – This Lonely Rope
8 – Fist Fucking Motherfucker
9 – Klonopin Dreams, Suicidal Requiems
10 – Under The Night


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