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Mind Enemies unleash Revenge

February 02, 2018

Imperative PR have the pleasure of welcoming multi-instrumentalist Giuseppe Caruso and his melodic, progressive metal project Mind Enemies to the roster. Giuseppe started Mind Enemies in 2010 after studying both percussion and guitars at several of Italy’s top music colleges. He even went on to teach percussion at the Institute of Science Poerio in Foggia and continues to teach music and composition to this day. Giuseppe’s first recording sessions were with Tommy Talamanca of progressive death metallers Sadist, at Nadir Music in 2011 and the first Mind Enemies release, The Darkest Way EP appeared in 2013. The Darkest Way picked up an array of positive reviews and was followed by a tour of Russia, before Giuseppe settled down to work on the first full length Mind Enemies release - Revenge.

Revenge is an exquisite blend of technical prowess, consummate song writing and original character. Each song combines lively, intricate rhythms with crisp, complex riffing and spiralling solos of breathtaking quality. The simple, melodic vocal lines and controlled tempos balance the dextrous technicality with a rare accessibility, making Revenge so much more than a ‘musician’s album’. Everything on Revenge was written by Giuseppe Caruso, everything on Revenge was played, produced and mixed by Giuseppe Caruso - all of which makes this album even more of an incredible achievement.

Revenge was originally released in late 2017, but with precious little promotion it quickly vanished without a trace. Now Imperative PR are sending it out into the world once more, but this time with all the clamour and fanfare that it so richly deserves. This time Revenge is going to be heard!

Track Listing:

1 – The Black Warrior
2 - Goya
3 – Wild Existence
4 – My World
5 – Dream Time
6 – The Dark Life
7 – Angel Of Consciousness
8 – The Rock Rite
9 – Revenge


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