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Krepuskul release Hybrid

February 15, 2018

Imperative PR are delighted to welcome Romanian metallers Krepuskul to the roster, for the promotion of their exciting new album, Hybrid. Hailing from Transylvania, that land of myth and legend, you might expect Krepuskul to write wistful, darkly romantic songs, steeped in the folklore of their native land – however, they are a band that stands firmly in the present, looking to the future not the past, a band screaming at the world to wake the fuck up! Krepuskul are here to shake you from complacency, to blast the cobwebs of sleep from your brain, to open your eyes, re-energise your brain and light a fire in your heart.

Using the power of their raging metal and the passion in their performance Krepuskul are determined to shock our society from its state of blind obedience, to roar out loud until they wake the millions sleepwalking to their doom. Over the last decade they have played hundreds of shows, matching their skills against the very best, sharing stages with Arch Enemy, Sepultura, Dark Tranquility, Pain, Machine Head, Alice Cooper, Evergrey and more, playing small clubs to huge festivals like Bloodstock Open Air and every venue in between. With Hybrid, available now through Morning Star Heathens Music Group, they have captured the fire and fury that makes their live shows so explosive. Songs like ‘Awake 17’ with its great drumming, powerful vocals and driving riffs, the intense and gripping ‘The Disciples’, the anthemic call to arms that is ‘Under The Black Flag’ and the edgy forearm smash of ‘Psychotherapy’ combine to create a vibrant, vital explosion of sound.

Krepuskul are a force that will not be denied and in Hybrid they have the perfect weapon to blast through the walls of oppression. Heed the call and fight for your freedom!

Track Listing:

1 – OCD (Let’s Start A War)
2 – Hybrid High Breed
3 – As Long As You See The Sky
4 – The Disciples
5 – The Limits Of Hate
6 – Under The Black Flag
7 – Psychotherapy
8 – They Will Fall
9 – Awake 17


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