Flesh Hoarder prepare to release Homicidal Necrophile

March 02, 2018

And so we screw our courage to the sticking place and open our doors to the ravenous beasts of Flesh Hoarder; a band so steeped in brutality and addicted to the rabid rush of total destruction that they only find welcome in the blackest of pits, the darkest of hearts.

On May 11th Flesh Hoarder will assault every bastion of decency with the release of their first full length album, Homicidal Necrophile, through Comatose Music – a label well versed in the arts of abomination. Featuring eleven tracks of sewer trawling vocals, unrelenting drum battery and riffs like thick, choking sludge Homicidal Necrophile takes you deeper into the filth than you have ever been before. Featuring the six string wickedness of Mike DeLeon (Phillip H Anselmo & The Illegals, ex-M.O.D.)tracks like ‘Ritualistic Rape Victims’, ‘Human Drapery’ and ‘Tortured Beyond The Grave’ are an onslaught of nightmares, a tidal wave of gore drowning you in suffocating fear and choking you with blood. There is no mercy, no moment of respite when you are in the hands of the Homicidal Necrophile!

Flesh Hoarder first began their campaign of carnage in 2011, when they emerged from the shadows of the bone house into the blazing Texas sun. Their first release was the shock attack of the Infatuation With Menstruation demo, which was received with greedy delight by the soul sick and warped. Now they bring a new gift for the deranged, new hymns of horror for the blood hungry...

When you’ve become desensitized to the horrors that the world has to offer, but your dark side calls out for more – more adrenalin, more terror, more blood and perversion – then you know where to go. Flesh Hoarder are waiting, in the kingdom of ruin and despair, the home of the Homicidal Necrophile, with agonies beyond your most abhorrent fantasies. One visit and you’ll never be the same...

Track Listing:

1 – Between Life And Death
2 – Ritualistic Rape Victims
3 – Tortured Beyond The Grave
4 – Ejaculating On The Faces Of The Aborted
5 – Human Drapery
6 – Hogtied And Deep Fried
7 – Necrotic Slut Chunks
8 – Infatuation With Menstruation
9 – Abuse Of A Corpse
10 – Counterweight Suicide
11 – Burnt, Scraped, Dumped


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