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De Profundis - The Blinding Light Of Faith: A Visual Realisation

March 27, 2018

The doors have been closed on their first decade and now a new age beckons for De Profundis – a new age of darkness, rage and war! It’s been a long wait, but now the time has come to unleash the fifth album from the UKs masters of death. The Blinding Light Of Faith will be loosed from its chains on May 10th by Transcending Obscurity Records and De Profundis have never sounded heavier than this! This monstrous record shows the band opening up with a broadside of unspeakable firepower on the oppressive organised religions of the world, a defiant strike to shake the foundations of the houses of the holy.

Over the course of the year De Profundis will be releasing a video for every single track from The Blinding Light Of Faith and together these visual interpretations will form a stunning, interlinked depiction of the powerful themes of the album. This vast undertaking will be handled by Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art who has worked with the band before on the macabre clip that accompanied the ‘An Orgy Of Grotesqueries’ track.

The first song from this video cycle to be released is the colossal lament of ‘Godforsaken’, its desolate words brought magnificently to life.

We live in dark times and De Profundis have delivered the perfect soundtrack to days such as these. Even the band’s established fans will be shocked by the levels of power that the band generate on tracks like the savage ‘War Be Upon Him’. The ambitious accompanying video project will only enhance the band’s reputation and ultimately their legacy as it underlines in no uncertain terms just what a landmark release The Blinding Light Of Faith truly is.

The second decade of De Profundis has begun – and war will soon be upon you.

Pre-orders for the album are live now at Bandcamp with the album available in three different formats - eight panel, full colour hardcover digipak, digital download and limited edition, gold embossed box set. The limited edition box sets contain:
- autographed and hand numbered certificate cards, signed by the whole band
- the massive eight panel digipak edition of the album
- a gloss finished coaster
- a patch featuring the new De Profundis logo
- a guitar pick, also featuring the new band logo
- an exclusive album artwork sticker

In the words of the band: "The Blinding Light of Faith is an album about three of the most merciless and bloodthirsty institutions in human history. There is no nation or people on this earth who haven't suffered under the savagery of at least one of the Abrahamic religions and to reflect that suffering we have made the heaviest, most aggressive record of our career."


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