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Posthuman Abomination prepare to release Transcending Embodiment

April 17, 2018

Imperative PR are proud to welcome to the roster a new superpower in the world of brutal death metal. Bringing together current and ex-members of Devangelic, Fecal God, Natrium, Modus Deliciti, Pit of Toxic Slime and Vomit The Soul, Posthuman Abomination is an alliance of seasoned campaigners who bear the scars of endless soul grinding riffs and countless merciless blast beat onslaughts. Transcending Embodiment, the opening salvo from this heavy artillery division will be unleashed on June 8th, through Comatose Music - and promises absolute obliteration.

Comatose are notorious throughout the world of extreme metal for recruiting the most intense, most extreme bands, the purveyors of the most wildly over the top forms of sonic brutality; having heard Posthuman Abomination’s 2017 demo, Crafting Life, the label lost no time in signing up this monstrous amalgamation of savage souls. The resulting album, Transcending Embodiment, is a disc of destruction, formidable even by Comatose’s standards.

From the opening, title track onwards, Transcending Embodiment is a full frontal assault on the senses. The guitars weave intricate razor wire patterns around your body, neatly and effectively dissecting the flesh while the bass and drums pound your bones to dust. Vocalist Lorenzo Orrù adds the final terrifying touch with his bestial roars and intimidating intonations, completing a sound spawned in nightmares.

This band, this album, possess firepower that few can comprehend, let alone match. Prepare for destruction, prepare for transformation and reconstruction, prepare for Posthuman Abomination!

Presale link: Comatose Music

Track Listing:

1 – Transcending Embodiment
2 – Systematic Ecophagy
3 – Cyberbrain Drain
4 – Autogenetic
5 – Apocatastasis
6 – Crafting Life
7 – Simulacra-Simulation
8 – Planned Obsolescence
9 - Posthuman


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