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Kill Everything prepare to release Scorched Earth

June 18, 2018

Imperative PR’s relationship with Comatose Music continues to yield bands of the utmost savagery, bringing to our roster albums of unfathomable brutality and shocking intensity. We now welcome perhaps the most bludgeoning and nihilistic album we have ever dealt with, in the form of Scorched Earth, from Texan platoon Kill Everything.

Featuring two of the founding members of legendary gore monsters Devourment and two men from the ranks of the punishing Primordius, Kill Everything offer not the slightest suspicion of mercy. Bleak, terrifying and devoid of humanity, Kill Everything are a band for devotees of the ultimate in extremity. Not a single chink of light penetrates the all pervading darkness that radiates from the brutal grooves of Scorched Earth. The onslaught is relentless, the thick, diseased riffs falling in an incessant cascade of blinding sludge and offal and the humour in tracks like ‘It’s A Wonderful Knife’ is as black as old blood.

On August 17th Comatose will unlock the cage and send Kill Everything’s debut out into the world, a pitiless predator with no aim but total, wanton destruction. There have been whispers in the depths of the underground about this release for some time now, the devoted followers of the heaviest, darkest death metal waiting impatiently to test themselves against its harsh horrors, eager to experience a new level of barbaric butchery. The time is now upon us. Kill Everything are coming. Be prepared for thermal liquidation!

Presale link: Comatose Music

Track Listing:

1 – Kill Everything
2 – Scorched Earth
3 – Intrinsic Vexation
4 – Bereft Of Humanity
5 – Thermal Liquidation
6 – It’s A Wonderful Knife
7 – Laid To Waste
8 – Carnivorous Lunar Activities


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