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Wurm Flesh prepare to release Excoriation Evisceration

10 October, 2018

There’s no let up from Comatose Music this year, with a formidable onslaught of the heaviest bands in existence being sent from their gates, out into the world like a plague of ravenous locusts. The latest in this procession of raging predators is Wurm Flesh, a Sacramento based killing machine that has plumbed the very depths of the earth, the dark and secret places where the wurm is king, to create their tales of chilling horror.

Wurm Flesh were formed in 2014 by guitarist/vocalist Rob Calhoun and over the following four years he painstakingly assembled his coterie of demons that could bring his black and bloody visions to tumultuous, terrifying life. The purpose of Wurm Flesh is to set the most unnerving stories and visions to the ultimate death metal soundtrack, to infect minds with their nightmarish imaginings from the kingdom of the Wurm to the sickening sound of music that combines wicked technicality, irresistible groove and sheer, battering power. All of their ambitions have been realised with their debut album for Comatose Music, Excoriation Evisceration, a heart stopping journey through the ‘House Of Flesh’ to the ‘Tombs In Which Gods Decay’. No one who accompanies Wurm Flesh on their wanderings through the world beneath will ever forget the experience.

November 23rd is the date that has been decreed for the pathways to the world of Wurms to be revealed and humanity to be summoned into the darkness. Excoriation Evisceration is coming and when the haunting notes of ‘Waltz Of The Wurms’ sound out, there will be no resisting the call. Don’t try and fight it, embrace the darkness, give yourself up to the madness and run screaming into the black...

Presale link: Comatose Music

Track Listing:

1 – Waltz Of The Wurms
2 – Deceased And Festering
3 – Enshrined In Rot
4 – Excoriation Evisceration
5 – Morale Crusher
6 – House Of Flesh
7 – Propagated Self Hatred Through Viral Media
8 – Unilateral Execution
9 – Tombs In Which Gods Decay


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