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The Drowning sign to Transcending Obscurity

03 October, 2018

Last month we announced The Drowning’s imminent live dates with Vader and Entombed A.D. and promised more big news to come. Today we are extremely proud to reveal that the welsh kings of doom, death and darkness have signed a deal with India’s primary powerhouse of extreme metal, Transcending Obscurity Records. In 2018 Transcending Obscurity have unleashed an array of magnificent albums on the world, from notorious names such as Paganizer, De Profundis, Depravity, Down Among The Dead Men and many more. In 2019 they will be bringing the new album from The Drowning out of the shadows...The Radiant Dark!

Speaking about his new signing, Transcending Obscurity boss Kunal Choksi said:
"I'm thrilled to come across yet another talented UK band in The Drowning. They've been around for a while and it's time they get the attention that they deserve. Their brand of hard-hitting death/doom metal is of the kind that stays with you long after the album is over and I'm excited to work with them. The UK scene has been kind to our label and here's hoping this proves to be a fine experience for everyone involved.”

The Drowning enjoyed huge critical acclaim for their last album, Senescent Signs, which was released through Casket Music in the summer of 2016. Zero Tolerance Magazine reflected on the ‘staggeringly heavy riffs’, ‘overwhelming sense of sadness and despair’ and ‘beautiful new dimensions’ in one particularly glowing high profile review. However, it is safe to say that everything that The Drowning have released before will be utterly eclipsed by The Radiant Dark, their Transcending Obscurity debut, scheduled for release early next year.

The Drowning’s guitarist and founder member Mike Hitchin shared with us his thoughts on everything that now lies ahead for the band:
“2018 has been an exciting time in The Drowning camp. It has seen the completion of our fifth, full length album, which we worked on long and hard to get the best from the new material. We believe it's our best work to date and signing to the mighty Transcending Obscurity Records puts our work into the hands of one of the best new labels around. They’ve been signing major artists from around the world and this is a massive step for The Drowning. We are very, very proud to be a part of Transcending Obscurity’s incredible roster of bands.”

The Radiant Dark features stunning cover art created for the band by Matt Vickerstaff (My Dying Bride, Cradle Of Filth, Satan) which draws the eye, suggesting, prompting questions and enticing the imagination into life before a single note is heard. The music that lies beneath this enigmatic artwork then ventures beyond all expectations – this may be one of the greatest doom/death records of the last decade.


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