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Oracle join Imperative Management

05 October, 2018

Today we are thrilled to be able to reveal that Oracle, accomplished purveyors of aggressive, contemporary heavy metal with a snarling thrash edge, have joined the Imperative PR management roster. Oracle bring a formidable arsenal of rage infused riffs and a fiercely imaginative, creative approach to the team, which we are looking forward to developing with them as this relationship progresses.

Oracle first formed in the spring of 2015, in Belfast and the band demonstrated an incredible drive and work ethic, releasing their first single, ‘Take My Blood’, just five months later. Constantly learning and honing their skills, Oracle took huge strides forward with second single ‘Burn The Nameless’ – a powerful indictment of the corruption inherent in the mainstream media and the faceless entities who control our lives. Demonstrating once again their willingness to confront the dominant forces in modern society, Oracle’s next release was the ‘No God Waits For You’ video which went toe to toe with the morally corrupt bastions of organised religion. At the beginning of 2018 Oracle released a superb EP, Tales Of Pythia, which really revealed just how far the band had come in such a short time. This dramatic collection of songs full of grinding riffs , subtle melody, wild energy, passion, imagination and ambition was unable to make the impact it should have done due to lack of promotion, but Imperative PR are not prepared to let it slip away unnoticed. While Oracle continue to work on new material IPR will be relaunching Tales Of Pythia to get it the recognition it deserves.

Oracle appeared at Bloodstock Open Air this year, where they unveiled a stunning new single, ‘Serpentine’ and won over the clearly impressed crowd in the process. Look out for the Tales Of Pythia EP coming your way soon and expect to be hearing a lot more from this exciting young band in the months ahead as Oracle and Imperative PR march forward together.


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