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Body Harvest join Imperative Management

16 October, 2018

Today Imperative PR are proud to announce the forming of a new alliance. Our management roster has been joined by one of the UKs premiere death metal bands Bristol based Body Harvest. Body Harvest combine classic death metal song writing with an incredible intensity and focussed, purposeful delivery. When their second album, Parasitic Slavery is unleashed it will be a roared, defiant challenge to every death metal band around the world.

The concept of Body Harvest was dreamt into being in the last days of 2011 by guitarists Jake Ettle-lles and Gareth Nash, as they envisaged a band that would take the stunning sounds of the early death metal gods and inject them with a powerful elixir of venomous velocity and malicious intent. By the following year the beast had flesh on its bones and a fledgling Body Harvest was playing shows with the likes of Exhumed and Anaal Nathrakh. The band delivered their first full length album in April of 2014, through Grindhouse Music and Futile Creation was a staggering debut from the young band. As haunting as it was mercilessly hammering, Futile Creation was a magnificent album and it established Body Harvest as prime movers on the UK death metal scene. Great reviews poured in and as the band toured the length and breadth of the UK with Vital Remains, Aura Noir, Gorguts, Hour Of Penance and more, the first pressing of Futile Creation quickly sold out. 2017 saw Body Harvest recruit a new rhythm section and play more high profile live shows with the likes of Vader and Immolation, before entering the studio to begin work on second album, Parasitic Slavery. With Jonny Pettersson (Those Who Bring The Torture, Wombbath) at the helm the results were predictably savage and unrelenting.

Already in 2018 Body Harvest have released a single and two excellent videos from their forthcoming album, undertaken a headline tour of the UK and performed a visceral, violent set at Bloodstock Open Air. Now with this new management deal in place they are ready to conquer the world one grinding riff at a time.


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