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Mass Infection prepare to release Shadows Became Flesh

18 October, 2018

Imperative PR are delighted to welcome another band from the infamous ranks of Comatose Music to our roster. It has been four years since Mass Infection last released an album and we are honoured to be helping spread the word of their rebirth. Shadows Became Flesh ushers in a new era of darkness for Mass Infection and sees them transforming into a more warped, powerful and terrifying entity than ever before...

Mass Infection have always lived life on the extreme edges of death metal, always pushing to be harder, faster, heavier, more completely destructive than the rest. With the war torn thunder of their 2014 album, For I Am Genocide they pushed everything to the max, every needle deep into the red. It seemed there was nowhere left for them to go...so they stepped over that extreme edge and tumbled down into a world of dreams, visions and nightmares. They spoke with devils, walked with the terrors of night, were broken and rebuilt and have returned, their hearts aflame with arcane horrors, to begin a new era of twilight brutality with Shadows Became Flesh! Mastered by Alan Douches (Death, Deicide, Hate Eternal etc) this album is a challenge to the very elite of the death metal genre.

On December 7th Comatose Music will unveil this obsidian colossus, this testament to unseen terrors and call the world to bear witness. Mass Infection have returned from the world beyond and hell has followed with them.

Presale link: Comatose Music

Track Listing:

1 Ominous Prevision
2 Demise Of The Almighty
3 To The Lords Of Revulsion
4 Oath To Nothingness
5 Enduring Through The Apocalypse
6 At One With Demon Dreams
7 Spiritual Entropy
8 The Merging Of Infinities
9 Shadows Became Flesh


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