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Buckshot Facelift release Ulcer Island

12 November, 2018

Today Imperative PR are offering you a second chance to pick up on one of the heaviest and most exciting grindcore releases of recent years. Buckshot Facelift’s brutal concept album, Ulcer Island was originally released in early 2017, with some beautifully bleak artwork courtesy of Travis Smith (Nevermore, Opeth, Overkill etc). It left the minds of those that heard it in tatters, but Paragon Records have decided that the body count was too low and they’re offering a return trip to the island this winter...

Ulcer Island is a bitter, windswept place; a desolate, decaying jumble of rocks, hidden in the sea mists. It’s where Fergus dreams of frost collecting on corpses and Sundress Skeletor tempts the lost with her toothless mouth and bleeding eyes. It’s the place that Buckshot Facelift call home.

Since the savage bombardment of their debut album, Universal Goat Tilt, this lunatic collective have only become more twisted in thought and sound. With Ulcer Island, the band’s fourth full length release, everything has coalesced into one beautifully warped sonic sculpture. An ambitious concept album that explores a place of horror and bleak brutality to a raging grindcore soundtrack that swallows up and vomits out elements of death metal, power-violence and hardcore and then plants moments of unexpected beauty in the steaming black filth, like improbable, delicate flowers in a scorched earth landscape.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take a trip to the barren shores of Ulcer Island. Featuring a guest vocal performance from King Fowley of the legendary Deceased, this album has been a secret for far too long. This is grindcore at its most conceptually brutal and musically creative, a tour de force of shocking savagery. So climb aboard, the boat for Ulcer Island is leaving soon and there’s room for just one more...

Track Listing:

Part I:
1 – Ulcer Island
2 – Czech Yourself
3 – Afterbirth Puzzle
4 – Ascend To Descend
5 – Burn The Baby Raper
6 – Oxydocs
7 – Sundress Skeletor
8 – Comptroller Cult
9 – What Does Fergus Dream Of?
10 – Hell Eats Repetition (Goodbye)
Part II:
11 – Don’t Hang From The Pipes
12 – Weathered Mask Of Autumn (Unearthing The Armless)
13 – Delusions Of A New Age
14 – Dustification (End Times Version)
15 – A Trophy Cup Intoxicant


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