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Prion prepare to release Aberrant Calamity

January 07, 2019

Erupting from the warped heart of chaos they come; a roaring, screaming, slithering mass of nightmares. They explode through the walls of sleep to ravage your defenceless mind with visions twisted beyond comprehension...please welcome to the Imperative PR roster, Prion – an Argentinean trio of insurmountable power.

It’s been nearly four years since the last album from Prion, the savage attack of Uncertain Process, but now they have returned – bringing the nightmares of Aberrant Calamity with them. Aberrant Calamity is the sound of massive, irreparable damage, a sonic vision of a brutalised reality. The finely crafted odes to terror that make up this mind-rending release are as deadly as they are deftly delivered. Featuring the heart stopping drum assault of Flavio Coscarella for the first time on a Prion recording, the level of intensity captured is frightening. The potential for Prion to utterly devastate has always been apparent, even back on their first ’99 demo, Corpse Dissection, but with Aberrant Calamity all the fearsome potential has been realised. These ten songs represent absolute death metal supremacy.

The task of unleashing the beast that is Aberrant Calamity upon mankind will fall to Comatose Music and the date set for this act of mass destruction is February 22nd 2019. There will be no place to hide when Prion ride out into the night, no way to safeguard your sleeping minds. Prepare for pure, undiluted, merciless death metal and watch as the pretenders are brought to their knees.

Presale link: Comatose Music

Track Listing:

1 – Fictitious Form Of Stability
2 – Irreversible Ways
3 – I Remembered To Breathe
4 – Unable To Discern
5 – Over The Asphalt Of A New Era
6 – I’m Jonah, Sacrifice Me
7 – Pathological Self Destruction
8 – Observed Relativity
9 – The Hesse Paradox
10 – Slow Down


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