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Osmed release Territory Of Warfare

18 January, 2019

Followers of the Indonesian brutal death metal scene have been waiting impatiently for the debut full length album from Jakarta’s Osmed. Their first EP, Ultimate Realms Of Ruination, hit like a nuclear warhead when it landed in 2015 – blasting its way straight into No Clean Singing’s top 15 EP releases of the year. The band teased fans with a two track promo CD in 2017 that hinted at even more unbridled savagery to come and now, at long last, the wait is finally over...Territory Of Warfare has arrived!

Released in the dying days of 2018, but only now receiving a full promotional push, Territory Of Warfare is a rabid, unforgiving creation. A hymn to the ferocity of battle, a soundtrack to the lawless fight for survival on the field of conflict, this album drags you into the raging chaos and leaves you standing knee deep in blood. With your comrades’ broken bodies at your feet and your enemies advancing, steel in hand, this is your final stand, your fight ‘til death. The sheer bludgeoning force of massive sonic assaults like ‘Bloodshed’ and ‘Sanctity Of The Norm’ is staggering and the crushing, grinding weight of ‘Warfare The Punishment’ will leave you gasping for breath.

The Indonesian scene is notorious for its barbarity and brutality, but Osmed are setting new standards amongst their peers. With Territory Of Warfare they have armed that skull fracturing, full frontal assault with a truly individual arsenal of riffs; wrapped each song in a bloodstained shroud of desperate, suffocating, panic - infected atmosphere and delivered their payload with fearsome focus and cohesion.

Available now from Brute! Productions, Osmed’s Territory Of Warfare is an essential addition to the armoury of any death metal fan, dedicated to the discovery of the ultimate expressions of total annihilation.

Track Listing:

1 – Intro
2 – Antithesis
3 – Sanctity Of The Norm
4 – Human Case Hatred
5 – Rhetoric Of The Struggle
6 – Warfare The Punishment
7 – Territory Of Warfare
8 – Bloodshed
9 – Panegyric For Enmity
10 – Outro (The Requiem Mass)


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