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Embludgeonment prepare to release Barn Burner

February 20, 2019

Some bands are meant to lead not follow, some bands set their own rules and follow their own path, creating the music that they want to hear, regardless of the whims and trends of the scene; New Jersey’s Embludgeonment are one such band. Brutal beyond belief and death metal without question, Embludgeonment add flavours from thrash, grindcore and beyond to create the crushing concoction that lights their inextinguishable fire. Six years on from their flesh-rending debut, Infinite Regress, Embludgeonment are back with their most incendiary release to date – the exercise in unforgiving extremity that is Barn Burner!

Barn Burner is built upon riffs heavy enough to cave in ribcages, bound in flaming solos and driven forward by a blazing drum battery that flattens all in its path. Ken England’s vocals roar and bellow like an enraged beast and each song fizzes with a wild adrenaline and wicked intent, laying waste with wanton, unrestrained abandon. This is brutal death metal the Embludgeonment way – no restrictions, only savagery.

Now enlisted into the ranks of the Comatose Music army of obliteration, the frenzied fire-starters of Embludgeonment are straining at the leash to unveil the white hot barbarity of Barn Burner – and on April 19th the fuse will be lit and the furious conflagration will begin. An inferno is coming...prepare to burn!

Presale link: Comatose Music

Track Listing:

1 – Transfixed Impalement
2 – Vociferation
3 – Neanderthal
4 – Abysmal Plot
5 – Corpse Shed
6 – Witch Cunt
7 – Gruesome Mortification
8 – Cervical Fracture
9 – In Consternation


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