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Perversor prepare to release Umbravorous

February 08, 2019

Perversor are unflinchingly dedicated to the true sound of underground metal. Since they began back in 2007 they have remained steadfast and resolute in their pursuit of the dark magic that infused the great records that ushered in a new age of darkness in the early ‘80s; the likes of I.N.R.I., The Return Of Darkness And Evil, In The Sign Of Evil and Apocalyptic Raids. By blending the untouchable atmosphere and aura of arcane knowledge that infused those releases with their own bestial fury, Perversor have crafted their own canon of classics; albums like debut Cult Of Destruction and the vilely violent Anticosmocrator, along with the indispensible EP, Demon Metal have built Perversor’s reputation as monstrous, mysterious demigods of barbaric metal fury.

In 2019 Perversor have dug deeper into the graves of the unholy, ridden the winds of destruction even closer to the brink of total annihilation to bring us Umbravorous – their most ferociously feral album to date. Steeped in the blood of angels and touched by the madness of devils, Umbravorous stands as a gore-soaked monument to the black flame that burns in the caverns of the true metal underground. Perversor have abandoned none of the wanton violence that has powered their music since their infernal birth. The Chilean warriors have simply become more addicted to the evil thrill as they have charged through the ranks of their enemies, time after time.

On March 15th Pulverised Records will unleash the beast that is Perversor once more and the ravaging power of Umbravorous will rain down from the skies. Watch the horizon and prepare for death from above!

Track Listing:

1 - Deadly Poison And Black Fire
2 - Umbravorous
3 - The Dwell
4 - Formidable Destino
5 - Military Industrial Complex
6 - Somnambulus
7 - The Excrements Of Infinity Are The Vices Of Divinity
8 - Virtual Antropophagy
9 - Merchant Of Spirits
10 - D.M.T.


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