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Depraved Murder prepare to release Manifestation

April 09, 2019

Rising once more from the rancid morass of the Indonesian brutal death metal scene, Depraved Murder have returned with nine new perverse psalms in praise of the black angels of annihilation. While some live in fear of death and others face it with quiet acceptance, Depraved Murder revel in the possibilities it brings for cruelty and imaginative acts of sadism. Manifestation is a shocking assault on the senses that not even Depraved Murder’s debut album, Remnants Of Depravity, can prepare you for.

Since the 2015 release of Remnants Of Depravity, fans who hunger for the most merciless of brutal death metal have been waiting impatiently for another filthy fix of Depraved Murder’s psychotic perversion. Manifestation will have them overdosing in the gutter. Featuring eight brand new extreme experiments in execution, including the insane assault of opener ‘Gore Green Meditation’ and a ferocious reworking of the band’s classic ‘Disgenosome’, this is an album that will be whispered about in the darkest cellars and dankest dungeons. Adding an extra dose of venom to proceedings is guest vocalist Clod ‘The Ripper’ De Rosa, who vomits up each word of sickening violence with disturbing delight.

Comatose will be unleashing Manifestation upon the world on May 17th, setting it free to spread its disease and death throughout the shadowed world of the extreme metal underground. The body count promises to be unimaginable...

Presale link: Comatose Music

Track Listing:

1 – Gore Green Meditation
2 – Congenital Anomalies Chromosome
3 – Exterminate
4 – Excruciate Impulsion
5 – Pragmatics Penetrate
6 – Denounce The Weak
7 – Manifestation
8 – Disgenosome
9 – Persevere Genophage


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