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Stench Of Profit release Human Discount

June 05, 2019

Formed in 2014, Stench Of Profit was born from rage against the corporate machine, a desire to scream back at the faceless entities that are accelerating our race into oblivion; that and an overwhelming, irresistible need to grind. Taking their name from a classic track on Brutal Truth’s genre defining Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses album, these three Italian maniacs set about creating the most brain-melting, unrestrained, wild and wonderful grindcore sounds imaginable.

Human Discount is Stench Of Profit’s first release for their new label Lethal Scissor Records and it represents the most devastating sounds they have ever created. These four hyperactive missiles of nihilistic grindcore are an absolute all out assault on the senses. Together they form an explosion of anger at a society controlled by profit margins and greed, selfishness and corporate control. Whilst humanity may have been driven past the point of hope or redemption, Stench Of Profit are not going to go quietly into the night – they’re going to kick, fight and scream every step of the way and take as many of the bastards down with them as they can.

Released on May 20th, this EP of skin flaying velocity and terrifying fury is a nail bomb of riffs and energy in its own right, but also a warning, a statement of intent, a precursor to the full length debut album that will follow, also on Lethal Scissor Records, in early 2020.

Get off your knees and pick up your weapons. Stand shoulder to shoulder with Stench Of Profit because they’re not going down without a fight!

Track Listing:

1 – Leaches
2 – What’s Left
3 – Every Little Piece
4 – Brains On Sale


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