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The Medea project join Imperative Management

October 09, 2019

We’re very pleased to welcome to our management roster the The Medea Project – a truly unique musical entity, whose sound is carved from the darkness and draped in the essence of heartache and nightmares. Originally formed on the east coast of South Africa, the concept of The Medea Project was transported to English shores by guitarist/front man Brett Minnie, where he formed a new creative bond with drummer Pauline Silver. Together they now weave The Medea Project’s unnerving tapestries of peculiar magic.

Work is nearing completion on The Medea Project’s full length debut album and we will be revealing details of this beautifully challenging beast very soon. Suffice to say we don’t think you’ll have experienced anything quite like this dark ride before. Brooding, soulful, raw and heavy, a captivating intertwining of gothic aesthetics and metallic power, we look forward to unleashing this intense collection of vibrant songs on you all soon.

Imperative PR and The Medea Project is a match made in the fevered dreams of the heartsick and the damned.


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