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Deadspawn prepare to release Pestilence Reborn

January 06, 2020

Deadspawn have returned from beyond, bringing with them their debut full length album, Pestilence Reborn! Nearly four years since they unleashed the EP, The Source Of Chaos, the lurkers between the worlds are back! With the dark blessings of the creatures that dwell on the periphery of existence Deadspawn invite you to step across the threshold and immerse yourself in the blackest, most beautiful nightmares – it’s time to drink deep from the chalice of madness...

Deadspawn’s fierce, inventive blackened death metal has been expanding and transforming since they first announced themselves to the world with their 2012 demo, This Ascension. The seeds of something magnificent were there at the beginning, but those seeds have now burst into gloriously horrifying life. Pestilence Reborn propels you, screaming, through twisted tunnels beneath another earth, into the darkness between the stars of an unseen sky. Tumultuous riffs boil and writhe over a blazing bedrock of thunderous drums, howling solos and guttural roars do battle across a twilight field of shadows and alien melodies entrance and ensnare. Superbly crafted pieces of intricate black magic like ‘The Plague Within’ and ‘Limits Of The Flesh’ turn your own mind into a razor-lined, inescapable pit. Born under the blazing Arizona sun, Deadspawn have drawn upon the essence of ineffable darkness to build this palace of night terrors, this monument to Pestilence Reborn.

On January 11th Deadspawn will launch their assault on the light at a special album release show at Club Red in Mesa, with support from Through The Earth, Thra and Swarm Of Serpents and from there, their plague will spread around the world. This is death, this darkness, this is terror from beyond your wildest dreams...this is Pestilence Reborn!

Track Listing:

1 – Warpath
2 – Ex Infernis
3 – Communion
4 – Pestilence Reborn
5 – From Ruins
6 – Language Of Creation
7 – This Ascension
8 – Limits Of Flesh
9 – Shiatan
10 – The Plague Within


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