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The Medea Project prepare to release Sisyphus

February 10, 2020

Originally formed on the east coast of South Africa, The Medea Project always stood out from the crowd. Their fiercely original music was never meant to be part of a scene, their unique vision meaning that they always stood alone. In search of more opportunities to spread their gospel of independence they crossed the ocean to England and now, after years of hard work and challenges overcome, they are ready to unveil their debut album...the raw, dark magic that is Sisyphus!

Sisyphus is like a living thing, a creature of flame and shadow, a passionate, primal beast. A pulse of primitive power drives each song forward, the scarred, bloody but unbowed riffs marching to the beat of the untamed drums – together a force of nature. Above these surging seas of pain, lust and magic, emotions as deep as the lightless chasms of the ocean floor, a voice sings of secrets and temptation. Tales of loss and defiance are spun above the crashing waves of sound and those with ears to hear and hearts to understand are drawn ever further into the darkness. Beautifully presented, dressed in artwork created by ex-Marduk drummer, Fredrik Widigs, complemented by the design skills of Gary Ronaldson (Napalm Death, Misery Index, Pig Destroyer etc), Sisyphus is a thing to be treasured.

The album will be released on March 20th, with a special launch show scheduled for the night before. And then you will hear the voice of the outsider speaking in the night, singing songs that will never be silenced. You will sense the spirit of defiance and you will choose to keep your chains, or cast them aside forever.

Track Listing:

1 – Prelude
2 – Babylon
3 – To Know Us Is To Fear Us
4 – The Ghosts Of St. Augustine
5 – Gloam
6 – Reaver
7 – G.E.O.F.F.
8 – FEAR
9 – The Desert Song


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