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Oath Of Damnation prepare to release Fury And Malevolence

February 24, 2020

It’s been a long wait for the second album from the Australian devils of Oath Of Damnation, six years since the initial clarion call of The Descent was heard – but now the silence has been shattered and the armies of darkness are marching once more. On March 13th Gore House Productions will unleash Fury And Malevolence onto an unsuspecting world and the ensuing carnage will be legendary...

While The Descent was a more than satisfying debut of blackened death metal, it is totally overshadowed by the monolithic power of Fury And Malevolence. This album is staggering in its dark grandeur, a terrifying whirlwind of wickedness that dissects with cruel precision then bludgeons with overwhelming brute force. Once ‘Imhullu’ has opened the gates to hell there is nowhere to hide from the titanic brutality of tracks like ‘The Abortuary’ and ‘With Fire And Malevolence’. Oath Of Damnation have captured the perfect hellish blend of insidious black metal atmosphere and monstrous death metal fire power. The wild guitars of Nekromancer, the uncontrollable rage of Constantinos’ drumming, the shroud of shadows conjured by Haemorrh’s keys and the bestial bass and imperious vocals of Doomsayer...together they are unstoppable.

Those years of silence will be forgotten in seconds when Fury And Malevolence transports you to a world of black magic and eternal war. It is time for the pretenders to flee the field, because the true gods of war have returned.

Presale link: Gore House Productions

Track Listing:

1 – Imhullu
2 – The Abortuary
3 – Ardenti Haereticus
4 – With Fire And Malevolence
5 – To Crack The Earth And Bring Down The Sky
6 – In Death’s Dominion
7 – I Curse Thee, O’ Lord!


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