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Black Altar & Kirkebrann prepare to release Deus Inversus

June 01, 2020

Two unique powers from the underground black metal scene, carefully selected contributors of vast experience and impeccable reputation and a collection of breathtaking songs – together these ingredients have the potential to create something darkly magical. Deus Inversus is the realisation of all that assembled potential, a quite remarkable album which will cast its shadow across the summer months when it is unveiled by Odium Records on June 30th.

Poland’s Black Altar and Norway’s Kirkebrann have forged an unholy alliance to create the split album, Deus Inversus. Formed of seven songs that will infect your dreams and capture your soul, this imperious album is destined to be one of the most highly regarded black metal releases of the year. The individual sounds of the two bands have come together perfectly, bonded by blood and black intent. The twilight hymns of Black Altar have been produced by Mauser (ex-Vader) and the impassioned invocations of Kirkebrann by Morfeus (ex-Limbonic Art) to staggering effect, with guest performances from Lars Broddesson (Funeral Mist, ex-Marduk) and Alexandros (Macabre Omen) – a truly ominous gathering.

Adorned with the arcane artwork of Nestor Avalos, Deus Inversus will be available on digi-pack CD and vinyl, including a collectable die hard vinyl edition on transparent, marbled black and orange vinyl, with an exclusive sticker and patch. This genuinely stunning piece of elite black metal art is not to be missed. Be ready when the call comes on June 30th.

Track Listing:

1 – Deus Inversus (Black Altar)
2 – Ancient Warlust (Black Altar)
3 – Outre (Black Altar)
4 – Begrensa Bevissthet (Kirkebrann)
5 – Faux Pas (Kirkebrann)
6 – Et Nederlag (Kirkebrann)
7 – Ufødte Klarhet (Kirkebrann)

Imperative PR · Black Altar - Deus Inversus


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