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Stench Of Profit prepare to release No Place To Hide

June 16, 2020

The 2019 EP, Human Discount, offered a tantalising glimpse of what Italian grinders Stench Of Profit had to offer. Now, at long last, they have returned with their full length debut album, No Place To Hide, a blistering tour de force of breathtaking power and intensity. This is grindcore at its spine shattering, brain melting best, with aggression and attitude dialled up to the max!

No Place To Hide opens in deceptively gentle fashion with the melancholy tones of ‘The Lake Of Void’, a moment of quiet reflection before the world explodes. Surely the ultimate definition of a ‘power trio’, Stench Of Profit rage through this twenty track album, locked together in perfect synchronicity, a single entity of compelling destruction, a wild beast of primal sound. Despite the outrageous speed and imposing presence, each track on No Place To Hide is a finely crafted song, not merely an explosion of noise. You will remember these songs as they pin you back in your seat, you will remember the riffs, the hooks, the choruses even as they detonate inside your brain like a megaton payload of napalm. The chances of 2020 delivering another grindcore album that can stand next to No Place To Hide are negligible – it is that good. When ‘No Sun Tomorrow’ quietly closes the door on the nuclear holocaust that has gone before you will be left in ruins.

The countdown to extinction has begun and on June 23rd Lethal Scissor Records will unleash this devastating weapon of mass destruction upon the world. This is the soundtrack to Armageddon, the most devastating album you will hear all year – this is Stench Of Profit and there is no place to hide.

Presale link: Lethal Scissor Records

Track Listing:

1 – The Lake Of Void
2 – Earth Is Bleeding
3 – Permanent Cracks
4 – Has Countdown Started
5 – What’s Left 2.0
6 – Ruins
7 – Controlled Manoeuvred
8 – From Who, For What
9 – There Won’t Be A Place To Hide
10 – Hate For Our Counterparts
11 – Nothing Is Scarier Than The Unknown
12 – Called Hate...
13 – Aware
14 – Without Looking At The Past
15 – Leaches 2.0
16 – Every Little Piece 2.0
17 – Brains On Sale 2.0
18 – In The End What Will Be There Beside A Cry
19 – You Won’t Be Able To Hide Anymore
20 – No Sun Tomorrow


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