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Utilitarian release Fight War, Not Wars. Destroy Power, Not People

June 18, 2020

Human society has become rooted in greed and selfishness. Money is the driving force, the deciding factor behind everything and the rich pit the poor against each other, creating false devils and lighting the torches of the witch hunts. In these dark days music cannot afford to be a soporific drug to lull us into uncaring slumber. Music cannot be another tool of the so called ‘ruling elite’. It’s time to wake up, to open our eyes, to stand up for what’s right and Utilitarian are the alarm clock to shock us from our comfortable beds.

This Sheffield based band are about more than just killer riffs and high energy songs, although they have both in abundance; Utilitarian are a philosophy and a way of life. Their debut album, Fight War, Not Wars. Destroy Power, Not People is a call to arms, an impassioned plea to our sense of common decency. Drawing on the pure adrenaline and explosive rage of the hardcore punk and crossover bands of the ‘80s and infusing it with the bruising power of contemporary extreme metal, Utilitarian have created the perfect vehicle for the delivery of their manifesto. This is confrontational, iron-willed music that will stand for no bullshit and accept no excuses. This is not about fashion, this is not about trends or scenes, this is not about fame or money. This is real music, performed by real people with a real desire for change.

Fight War, Not Wars. Destroy Power, Not People is available now from all major streaming services and download retailers in digital format, including the Utilitarian Bandcamp page where it is also available on recycled tape. No other formats have been produced as they all contribute to the ongoing damage of the environment. Utilitarian’s lyrics are not just empty words – they practice what they preach. Every penny received in revenue from sales of Fight War... will be donated to the homeless charity Shelter. Utilitarian are raging for a fairer future.

Track Listing:

1 – Unaccountable
2 – Greed Is A Hunger That Can Never Be Fed
3 – Marching To Your Grave
4 – Hateful Generation
5 – Profit Or People?
6 – Wall Of Debt
7 – Power
8 – Ignorance Exacerbated By Malevolence
9 – The Good Old Days
10 – Zero Tolerance
11 – The Riot Act
12 – Instinct Of Survival (Napalm Death)
13 – All You Fascists (Woody Guthrie/Wilco)
14 – Another World


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