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Chancroid release Bestial Perverse Of The Anomalies Psychoneurotic

August 11, 2020

The scene was set for the full length debut album from Indonesian brutal death metallers Chancroid, when their limited edition CD-R single, ‘Maximum High Tension Penetrating’, sold out in double quick time, back in 2018. And now the wait is over...one of the most savage releases ever to emerge from the gore obsessed Indonesian scene is here – Bestial Perverse Of The Anomalies Psychoneurotic! The sound of dark cellars, darker thoughts and vile atrocities visited upon the bodies of the innocent is unleashed!

On first listen the psychotic blast beats, twisted riffs and inhuman vocals that together form the dangerously diseased sound of Chancroid are almost too much for the human mind to process. The listener’s first instinct is simply to survive as they are dragged into the rancid darkness of the Chancroid killing pit. It’s as the visits to that place of sordid nightmares become increasingly, insidiously addictive that the quality of the songs and the brilliance of the performances reveal themselves. Beneath the scarred skin of songs like ‘Haemophillus Ducreyi Inoculated’ lurks the glistening heart of a masterfully accomplished death machine of formidable power and dexterity. Chancroid’s sickening debut makes the majority of brutal death metal simply redundant. If you’re looking for the ultimate in disturbing, violent heaviness why would you accept anything but the most extreme expression of those twisted qualities?

With the infamous purveyors of sonic perversity, Brute! Productions, working alongside them in the shadows, Chancroid are ready to spread their disease through the extreme music world. Bestial Perverse Of The Anomalies Psychoneurotic is here, in all its senseless, sickening glory. There is no point trying to reason with this beast. There is no escaping this massive onslaught of death. It’s killing time!

Track Listing:

1 – Intro
2 – Coitus Deification Terminology
3 – Maximum High Tension Penetrating
4 – XYY
5 – Hebephrenia
6 – Bestial Perverse Of The Anomalies Psychoneurotic
7 – Sadomasochist
8 – Abysmal Tranquility
9 – Distortion Cognitive Of Malicious
10 – Haemophillus Ducreyi Inoculated


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