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Zebadiah Crowe prepare to release The Cloven Hand

November 03, 2020

They cast shadows across our summer with the dank, diseased madness of Host Rider and now Zebadiah Crowe have returned once more to poison our dreams of a picturesque, snow-shrouded winter. Purveyors of feverish darkness, Forrrthen and The Horrid will be releasing two EPs in the coming months, starting now with the unnerving, twitching sickness of The Cloven Hand.

Always searching for new ways to disturb and distress, Zebadiah Crowe formed a perverse pact with two bands of electronic noise terrorists, Seething Akira and Gods Of Ruin and set them to work dismantling three songs from the Host Rider album. Having dissected and destroyed, these new accomplices then reconstructed these songs as freakish Frankenstein’s monsters, horrifying reimaginings of already fiercely threatening sonic entities. What you will find on The Cloven Hand are the freakish bastard children of Zebadiah Crowe, Seething Akira and Gods Of Ruin – truly ugly offspring that not even a mother could love. But for those who have already suckled at the rancid teats of the Host Rider, for those sick souls The Cloven Hand will be a thing of beauty. Rechristened and warped beyond recognition, these cruelly broken and reassembled songs offer a new view into the malicious, shadowed world of Zebadiah Crowe.

The Cloven Hand will be raised on December 2nd, a new blight upon the land. Cling to your sanity, your identity, your morality before entering this playground for the damaged and remember...this is just the beginning.

Track Listing:

1 – House Of Worms (Seething Akira Remix)
2 – Barrens Forge (Gods Of Ruin Remix)
3 – Skull Shank (Gods Of Ruin Remix)


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