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Infected Humans prepare to release Unexpected Traumatic Experiences

November 26, 2020

There is a new voice on the worldwide brutal death metal scene, a new guttural roar emanating from the Ecuadorian city of Cuenca. Infected Humans bring their own warped take on the heaviest of all metal’s many sub- genres and bastard children. These devoted servants of extremity are going to put their home country firmly on the death metal map when they unleash the maniacal, addictive insanity of Unexpected Traumatic Experiences!

You’ll find everything you’d expect from a brutal death metal album forming the bedrock of the songs that make up Unexpected Traumatic Experiences, but you’ll find an array of wicked twists as well. Songs like ‘Interstellar Torture’ epitomise the memorable, individual nature of Infected Humans’ particular brand of sonic savagery and album highlight ‘Chaotic Biological Organization’ satisfies and surprises in equal measure, with its hammering blast beats interspersed with bursts of the band’s very own brand of electroshock therapy. The album also includes three notable guest vocal contributions, with Ewan Lambert (Corpseflesh), Sonny Trujillo (Cadaverous Infest) and Pipo Castellanos (Cafeterasub) each bringing their own touch of terror to this dynamic and deadly debut.

On January 15th renowned label Gore House Productions will open the vial and send the spores of infection out into the world. This most aptly named album will deliver Unexpected Traumatic Experiences to all who brave its invitation to the lab. Prepare to be infected!

Track Listing:

1 – Intro
2 – Killing Perservately Depressed
3 – Ejaculating Illumination (feat. Ewan Lambert)
4 – Bloodthirsty Sacrifice
5 – Calcining Human Flesh (feat. Sonny Trujillo)
6 – Paraphilic Infestation Of Internal Torment
7 – Interstellar Torture
8 – Altered By Substances
9 – Genocidas Del Control (feat. Pipo Castellanos)
10 – Chaotic Biological Organization
11 – Outro


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